Road to 2017

The Fathers of Confederation at the London Conference, 1866

A remarkable country is born

Nearly 150 years ago, at the Charlottetown and Québec conferences, the Fathers of Confederation worked on a visionary project—to create a lasting democracy—which today serves as a model for the world.

Making a link between the past and the future

In the coming years, as part of Road to 2017, the Government of Canada will encourage Canadians to commemorate events, celebrate accomplishments and honour individuals who have helped shape Canada as we know it today.

From now until 2017, Canadians will have numerous opportunities to learn more about their history and think about what they can achieve in the future. They will also be able to express their pride in everything their country represents.

Two little girls waving Canadian flags
Parliament of Canada at the Mosaika – Sound and Light Show
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