Collage of images: left to right; black and white photo of Sir John A. Macdonald, colour painting of Charlottetown Conference, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier strewn with poppies and paper hand flags, black and white photo of Nellie McClung

On the road to the 150th anniversary of Confederation, we will mark a broad range of significant anniversaries and accomplishments that have made Canada of today. In 2015, these include the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sir John A. Macdonald and the 50th anniversary of the National Flag of Canada. We will also mark two important commemorations from the First World War: the 100th anniversary of the Second Battle of Ypres and the writing of "In Flanders Field."

In 2016, the 175th anniversary of the Election of Baldwin and Lafontaine - Leaders for Responsible Government, the 175th anniversary of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's birth, the 150th anniversary of the Fenian Raids and the Centennial of women's suffrage will be part of the anniversaries that will be celebrated along with the Centennial of the Battles of the Somme and Beaumont-Hamel (First World War) and the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Hong Kong.

Learn about those key nation-building milestones that have defined our country and made us who we are today.

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