About the World War Commemorations

The year 2014 marks the centennial of the beginning of the First World War and the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War. From 2014 to 2020, Canada will mark the events, the battles, and the social conditions that shaped these wars.

These commemorations will highlight the sacrifices of those who took part in these wars and the role they played in shaping our national identity. They are also opportunities for Canadians to honour those who contributed to the Canada we know today.

Painting of The Second Battle of Ypres.
The Second Battle of Ypres, April 22 to May 25, 1915
Painted by Richard Jack, 1917
Beaverbrook Collection of War Art
© Canadian War Museum / CWM 19710261-0161

Photograph entitled Wait for me, Daddy.
Wait for me, Daddy: Private Jack Bernard, B.C. Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles) saying goodbye to his five-year-old son Warren
New Westminster, British Columbia, 1940
Claude P. Dettloff / Library and Archives Canada / C-038723

The Government's Plans for the Commemorations

In August 2014, the Government of Canada launched its six year commemorative period to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War and the 75th anniversary of the Second World War. These commemorations will encourage Canadians to understand more about the two world wars and pay tribute to those who contributed in shaping these defining chapters in our collective history.

As we move through the six-year commemorative period, more information will be released on the activities and initiatives that will take place at home and abroad. Major milestones during the period include, but are not limited to:

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