Developing Our Athletes

While Canada’s high performance athletes strive for the podium at every opportunity, their world-class performances instill a sense of pride in our country and the maple leaf from coast to coast to coast. Their example inspires Canadians, especially our young people, to reach for their own goals.

Canada's pool of talented athletes has expanded significantly year after year, and Canadian athletes and teams are achieving world-class results. Who can forget Canada's record-breaking gold-medal haul at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics—where Canada's Olympic winter athletes won more gold medals than any other country in the history of the Winter Games? And we cannot be more proud of our Paralympic athletes who also outdid themselves in Vancouver, placing third in the gold-medal count at the first Paralympic Winter Games to be held in Canada, owning the podium like we never have before.

Sport Canada is committed to the development of our high performance athletes through:

  • The Athlete Assistance Program: Sport Canada contributes to the pursuit of sport excellence by financially supporting high-performance amateur athletes in Canada.
  • Ethics in Sport: Sport Canada is engaged in many activities to advance and support ethical sport in Canada and abroad.
  • High Performance Support: Through partnerships, Sport Canada provides support to sport organizations to improve athlete performance and rankings at sporting events.
  • Coaching Support: In partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada, Sport Canada promotes the profession of coaching and coach training.


"The funding that we've been fortunate enough to receive during the last number of years has allowed me and my team, and I know other athletes to be able to focus on our training, focus on the competition and on what we need to do in order to achieve our dreams. Fortunately for us, our dream came through last year in Sochi where we won the gold medal and came to quite the reception here at home in Winnipeg. The funding we received from Sport Canada is a big reason that we were able to achieve that dream and stand on top of the podium."

Jill Officer, Sochi 2014 Olympic Women's Curling Champion, speech during a Government of Canada funding announcement at the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba in Winnipeg (April 14, 2015)

"I think I need to point out to everyone back home [Canada] that doesn't realize, how much Sport Canada does for education and how much they're continuing to do. Because when I was 17, my main objective was to make the national team before I went off to university. My mom basically said, 'it's either that or getting a job flipping hamburgers, because I can't afford your tuition.' So Sport Canada and the Athletes Assistance Program do a heck of a lot for Canadian athletes to make sure we have those opportunities."

Adam van Koerverden, Canadian sprint kayaker, on CBC Primetime from the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games (February 20, 2014)
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