Video - 2015 - Year of Sport in Canada


Transcript of the Year of Sport in Canada 2015

[On a black background, you can see the Canadian Heritage symbol]

[Text on screen on a black background: 2015 The Year of Sport in Canada]

[You can see clips from a video montage of Canadian Olympic athletes and Canadian Paralympic athletes practicing different sports]

Caroline Bisson (translated from French to English): “I think the most important thing for all athletes is to follow their heart. It is important to take the time each year at the beginning of the season to clearly define what it is that I want. What do I get from it personally? What is this adventure going to offer me? And to really take the time to listen to your heart."

Sonja Gaudet: “Well, sport is a very important tool that teaches us some incredible life lessons. You know, it builds confidence, courage. It takes a lot of determination and builds perseverance and it really creates a sense of belonging. And so, sport's that tool we can go back to and really utilize to reach those goals and strive for excellence through sport.”

[Text on screen: Join us in celebrating the Year of Sports in Canada]

[Images and text on screen: On the left side, image of Caroline Bisson with text as follow: French narration, Caroline Bisson, Paralympic Athlete, Biathlon and Cross-Country Skiing]

[Image and text on screen: On the right side of screen, image of Sonja Gaudet with text: English narration, Sonja Gaudet, Paralympic Athlete, Curling]

[Text on screen: The word Canada appears in large letters]

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