Video - Interview with Sonja Gaudet


Transcript - Interview with Sonja Gaudet - Curler Paralympic Athlete

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[Close-up of Sonja Gaudet in front of a parliament building in Ottawa]

Sonja: "Well, sport is a very important tool that teaches us some incredible life lessons. You know, it builds confidence, courage. It takes a lot of determination and builds perseverance and it really creates a sense of belonging, a sense of self and belonging to something. And all of those things, you know, growing up as a young athlete, a young teenager, but then even for myself, you know, using those lessons that we learned from sport after an accident or a challenge. We all have them. I mean, mine just happen to be visible, I’m in a chair. But we all have them."

"And so, sport’s that tool we can go back to and really utilize to reach those goals, and strive for excellence through sport. So, there’s incredible life lessons within sport that, when you’re having a lot of fun and participating, you don’t even realize you’re learning them. But, they’re life lessons we can use in our everyday lives."

[Curling game. Three curlers, including Sonja, are on the ice]

Sonja: "The Sport Canada funding has been an incredible support system, because, you know, it replaces some of the income you could make if you weren’t participating in sport. It allows you to be in the training venues rather than in the workplace."

[Back to the game. Sonja throws a stone]

Sonja: "It creates a responsibility that you have to live up to, because you know you’re being supported by the rest of Canada. So, it really puts that responsibility on an athlete as well, you know, when you know that people are putting the time and the money into you, it pushes you to step up and really make the best of it."

[Close-up of Sonja speaking to the camera]

Sonja: "So, the proudest moment in my sporting career is, I was asked to be the flag bearer for the Canadian Paralympic team for the opening ceremonies just here in Sochi."

[Shots of the Canadian team entering the stadium during the opening ceremonies. Sonja is in the foreground with the Canadian flag]

Sonja: "So that was my fondest memory for sure. Totally honoured, totally proud to enter the stadium representing Canada. And, it really was a message for me of the power of sport and what sport has the power to do to overcome barriers, to unite, just that message of equality. And, at that moment, it wasn’t about competing for medals, it was just about the bigger picture of sport and what we can do through the power of sport and spread that globally around the world. And that was a very emotional experience for me and I will never forget that experience."

[Fade out]

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