Video - Winterlude 2015 - Highlights of the first weekend of activities


Transcript of the highlights of the first weekend of activities

No narration during video.

The video is a montage of the various activities that took place during the first weekend of Winterlude, from January 31 to February 1, 2015.

Music is playing during the video.

Canadian Heritage symbol appears on a black background.

Winterlude logo appears on starry blue background.

Text on screen: Highlights of the first weekend!

A representative of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sings the national anthem at the microphone.

MP Royal Galipeau wishes happy Winterlude to the crowd at the opening ceremony.

An artist juggles with fire.

Three artists dancing on the stage.

The DJ performs on stage.

A young woman dancing on the stage.

The crowd dances the night away under the spotlight.

Young artists perform on stage.

An artist juggles with fire.

Winterlude logo appears in an ice cube illuminated on stage.

Visitors look at a work of art illuminated at night, representing a giant soccer ball.

An ice sculptor is working on his artwork.

Street performers on stilts holding the Canadian flag.

Four women dressed in plaid skirt dancing on stage.

A man carries the Scottish flag.

A mascot wearing the jersey of the Ottawa Senators is among the crowd.

Two Ice Hogs play.

Three girls jumping rope.

People skating on the Rideau Canal.

Two adults accompanying a young boy on the ice of the Rideau Canal.

Several people skating on the Rideau Canal.

A man working on his ice sculpture.

A girl eats a beaver tail with an adult.

A girl slides with a tube at Jacques-Cartier Park.

A couple skating on the Rideau Canal.

A smiling young boy skating on the Rideau Canal.

An ice sculpture representing a unicorn.

A group of street performers playing drums.

A smiling man slides at Jacques-Cartier Park.

Children play soccer on the snow.

A snow sculpture at Jacques-Cartier Park.

A mascot with an eagle head.

Children slide with an Ice Hog.

A young man makes a ski jump.

An Ice Hog gives a hug to a girl.

The Canada wordmark appears on white background.

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