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Transcript - Giving back

[The Governor General flag flies in the sky.]

[Logo of the Governor General appears.]

Narrator, Governor General of Canada David Johnston:

“Our ancestors—both immigrants and First Nations—were working together even before Confederation to build the foundations of the strong and prosperous country that we know and love today.

Almost 150 years after the birth of Canada, the country we live in is a place we can be proud of. We have received many gifts from this land and have shown how we can be kind and generous in return.

As governor general of Canada, I’ve seen time and again how Canadians have kept this tradition of collaboration, how we have been generous with our time, our talent, or simply with our money. I’ve seen tremendous acts of kindness. I’ve seen volunteers, our unsung heroes, give tirelessly. I’ve seen philanthropy at its best, from coast to coast to coast.

Every year, millions of Canadians answer unselfishly this call to help others in need, to unite passion with compassion.

Now, to encourage Canadians to continue to build this giving tradition, I’ve gathered builders of our country around the My Giving Moment campaign, which invites all of us to find our own giving moment.

So as we look toward 2017, our sesquicentennial, I challenge us all to use this momentous occasion to continue to give back to Canada, to give back to our communities, to find our own giving moments that will help build a smarter, more caring nation for the generations to come. Let’s make this our lasting gift—our legacy—to our country.”

[Text on screen: The Governor General logo and Office of the Secretary to the Governor General.]

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