Video of the Northern Lights, the sound and light show on Parliament Hill (animation preview)


Transcript of the Northern Lights, the animation preview video

This is a bilingual video, the narration is in both English and French.

[Text on screen: Coming July 10, 2015 to Parliament Hill]

Narrator: "If we would know something of the future, we have only to look at our past."

[Light show projected on the Canadian Parliament showing the story of the Parliament across time.]

Narrator: "Our past illuminates our future".

[Lights are projected on the Parliament building showing a countdown going back in time, from the year 2015 to, and stopping at 1916. Projected lights change, the Parliament building transforms into the first Canadian Parliament building from 1916.]

Narrator: "The first Canadian Parliament stood on this same hill for fifty years. The first Canadian Parliament buildings, a symbol of the dreams and aspirations of an entire nation, came to a tragic end."

[The Parliament building is on fire, the library is burning]

[Voice over: "Take the documents! The furniture!"]

Narrator: "The fire intensifies, fanned to a raging inferno by strong winter winds from the north."

[Voice over: "The documents! The painting!"

[The Parliament building is shown burning]

Narrator: "Fanned by winds from the north, the fire intensified into a raging inferno."

[Voice over: "The library!" "Someone… Close the fire doors!" is shouted]

[Projected on the Parliament building a silhouette of a man running and closing doors]

Narrator: "One man’s quick thinking saved our early memories. One man’s quick thinking preserved our memories of the past."

[Sounds of a raging fire burning]

Narrator: "Only the Library survived. But more than smoke rose from the ashes. The sparks ascending from the rubble that cold winter night carried the spirit of Canada aloft. All around the Library, which was miraculously spared, the spirit of Canada was reborn"

[The Parliament building is back to its current state and the text "Northern Lights" and "Lumières du Nord" is projected on the building.]

Narrator: "The story that will unfold tonight emerges from the pages of these five books. These five books will take us through an epic story."

[The image of five books is projected on the Parliament]

[Text on screen: Exclusive Sponsor, Manulife, and the symbol of the Government of Canada]

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