Service standards for Canadian Heritage funding programs

Canadian Heritage has set service standards for the timely delivery of its funding programs for the following three transactions:

The achievement of these service standards is a shared responsibility between applicants and the Department. Applicants must submit all required documentation duly completed in accordance with the program’s guidelines and within the Department’s time limits.

Acknowledgement of receipt of application

We will acknowledge receipt of your application form within 2 weeks of the date the application is received by the Department.

Funding decision

We will issue written notification of the funding decision within the program specific timeline outlined in the Decision service standard table.

Issuance of payments

For grants: Once funding is approved, we will issue the first payment no later than 4 weeks after you have been notified of the funding decision.

For contributions: Once funding is approved, we will issue the first payment no later than 4 weeks after the successful fulfillment of the payment conditions outlined in your contribution agreement.


In order to align with the Government of Canada’s fiscal year calendar, where funding is approved prior to March 31 for activities taking place after April 1, the service standard will apply as of April 1. For contributions, please note that all payment conditions must also be met.

Service standards results

You may consult our service standards results for information related to the average processing times for funding program delivery.

Grant and contribution awards to date

For more information on grants and contributions awarded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, please visit our proactive disclosure page.

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