Care of objects and collections

This section will be able to provide information on the conservation of cultural objects and collections. You can learn more about the many issues and questions related to the care, handling and storage of cultural objects such as metal objects, wooden objects, or textiles through documents on basic care, conservation notes and technical bulletins.

Basic care

Two types of documents can be found under this heading: documents aimed at the general public who wants to care for personal objects that include general information on how to care, clean, repair and/or store objects; and documents about the care of objects and collections for heritage workers.

Basic care covers object categories that are broad such as ceramics and glass, or specific such as tools, wind instruments and wooden masks.

Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) notes

The conservation notes are detailed and provide information on a variety of topics for those who care for cultural objects. The notes offer practical advice about issues and questions related to the care, handling, and storage of cultural objects. Many notes are illustrated, and provide bibliographies as well as suggestions for contacting suppliers.

Technical bulletins

The technical bulletins are to assist heritage professionals and institutions in the care and preservation of their objects and collections. The technical bulletins contain useful and relevant information for conservation practices and research or reference.

See the conservation and preservation publications for a full list of Technical Bulletins.

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