Digital Preservation Toolkit

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This Digital Preservation Toolkit provides accessible template, frameworks, decision trees and documents that are designed to help museums assess their digital preservation needs, to produce policy and procedures around digital preservation, and to develop, select and implement an action plan. Resources are presented in chronological order of need for the development of a digital preservation strategy.

Digital Preservation Inventory Template for Museums

Use this Digital Resource Inventory template to take stock of your museum’s existing digital resources. In addition to identifying the nature and quantity of digital material, the template helps you to identify the need for a digital preservation plan (including assessment of risk and impact should resources be lost), as well as the scope of work that may be required to implement a plan.

Digital Preservation Policy Framework: Development Guideline Version 2.1

This Digital Preservation Policy framework ensures that any policy you put in place not only conforms to existing standards, but does so in a way that suits the needs of your museum.

Digital Preservation Plan Framework for Museums

Once a need for digital preservation has been identified, use this Digital Preservation Plan framework to consider various potential solutions, and to selection one that best fits the needs and resources of your museum.

Digital Preservation Decision Tree Models to Establish Whether a Digital Resource Should be Preserved

Use these Digital Preservation Trees in conjunction with your Digital Preservation Policy to decide at a glance whether a digital resource should be preserved. These trees may also be used at your policy development stage.

Creator Guidelines. Making and maintaining digital materials : Guidelines for individuals (1.3 MB) | About the freeware (PDF)

This brochure-style document, created by The InterPARES Project can help your museum make informed decisions about creating and maintaining digital materials in ways that help ensure their preservation for as long as they are needed.

Preserver Guidelines. Preserving digital records : Guidelines for organizations (1.8 MB) | About the freeware (PDF)]

These brochure-style guidelines have been developed by The InterPARES Project to provide concrete advice to those who are responsible for the long-term preservation of digital records. They highlight a number of important areas that are often overlooked in the rush to accept digital documents into archival repositories.

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