Symbols of Canada

From the maple tree to the red-and-white flag, Canada is represented by many symbols. While some are recognized as official national symbols, others – though widely known and accepted – have not been formally adopted. Discover the symbols that define our country and each province and territory, or learn the meaning behind our royal and military symbols.


Official symbols of Canada

Read about the flags, arms and other symbols that have received official designation by the Government of Canada.

Unofficial symbols of Canada

Find information on emblems and symbols that are not officially recognized, yet are still strongly associated with the Canadian identity.

Provincial and territorial symbols

Browse the diverse collection of symbols – including flowers, trees and animals – that help define each of Canada’s provinces and territories.

Royal symbols and titles

Discover the many royal symbols of the Canadian Crown and members of the Royal Family and learn about the criteria for Royal patronage and title “Royal.”

Military symbols

Examine the badges and flags at the heart of Canada’s military system.

Commercial use of symbols

See how some of Canada’s official symbols are protected against unauthorized use for commercial purposes.

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