Video - Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games - This is Paralympic Sport


Transcript of Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games - This is Paralympic Sport

This is a bilingual video, the narration is in both English and French.

[Toronto 2015 Pan and Parapan American Games host country logo]

[Text on screen: This is Paralympic Sport]

[An athlete swimming]

Peter Lawless (multiple Coaching Excellence award winner): "This is sport. This is pure sporting excellence."

[Close-up of Peter Lawless]

"There’s no disability out on these fields of play. There is pure physical performance. Off the field of play, sure, someone may not have a leg, sure, somebody may be visually impaired…"

[Women volleyball players in action, then two competing soccer players]

"But you know what? Playing these sports, this is the real deal…"

[Goalball players]

"And I think that’s something people can really see and grab a hold of."

[Close-up of David Eng]

David Eng (wheelchair basketball athlete): "Training and preparation of our sport is full time…"

[David Eng and other players in action]

"Where we are at today, in 2015…"

[A para-cycling athlete]

"We got the same schedule as a professional athlete almost."

[Close-up of Marco Dispaltro in action]

Marco Dispaltro (Boccia para-athlete, translated from French to English): "In the sport, we do the same things that people, the pros, the other amateur athletes who are not disabled. We are at that same level. The hours of training, we do them. Cross-training, we do it. Nutrition, we take care of that. Sport psychology…everything that’s involved in being a high-performance athlete, we do it."

[Wheelchair basketball athletes in action, then women volleyball athletes in a huddle, tandem para-cycling athletes in action, a wheelchair athlete in action, a para-swimmer in the pool and athletics para-athletes in competition]

"Really, they’re going all out. These athletes are giving 100% and it really is beautiful to see all these athletes training really, really hard."

[Para-weightlifter, a coach celebrating with a table-tennis athlete, a blind sprinter in action with his guide, and a wheelchair athlete in action]

[Text on screen: 24/7 commitment to excellence. Drive to represent the maple leaf. Relentless pursuit of the podium. This is Paralympic sport. #PARATOUGH]

[Toronto 2015 Pan and Parapan American Games Host country logo]

[Text on screen:]

[Text on screen: #YearofSport - #Annéedusport]

[Canadian Paralympic Logo]

[Canada Wordmark]

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