Video -Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games – Inspiring a Nation


Transcript of Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games – Inspiring a Nation

This is a bilingual video, the narration is in both English and French.

[Toronto 2015 Pan and Parapan American Games Host country logo]

[Text on screen: Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games: Inspiring a Nation]

[Accelerated images of the Pan Am Games celebration site in downtown Toronto, high-rises in the background with the word “TORONTO” highlighted in colourful, giant letters.]

Curt Harnett (chief of mission, Team Canada): "The legacy that is already active as a result of these games is profound; I mean, our athletes are already benefiting from that."

[Photo of Team Canada at the opening ceremony]

"But with 719 A-level athletes competing for Canada, we have high expectations as to how our performances will be."

[Close-up of Curt Harnett, crowd in the background]

"That will engage and communicate and rally Canadians."

[Video images of a crowd, a celebration site, stage, overpass with Canadian flags and back to crowd at celebration site]

[Close-up of Tory Nyhaug]

Tory Nyhaug (BMX athlete): "It’s huge for us to compete on home soil. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent Canada on Canada."

[Crowd in stadium]

"And, you know, it’s not something that we get to do often, because we’re usually racing overseas in the world cup series and races like that, so when we have something like this in our backyard, it’s great."

[Crowd with stage in the background]

[Marcel Aubut (President, Canadian Olympic Committee) with athletes, shaking their hands]

[Close-up of Élise Marcotte, crowd in background]

Élise Marcotte (assistant chief of mission, Team Canada, translated from French to English): "These Games represent an incredible opportunity for our athletes to participate in elite-level competition for summer sports in Canada. It’s fantastic!"

[Suspended flags flying in the air, close-up of a crowd with a young girl waving a Canadian flag, back to Elise Marcotte, back to celebration, back to crowd]

"Pan Am is the path that ultimately leads to the Olympics. In some cases, this will be the largest multi-sport competition these athletes may see. It truly is a memorable experience."

Curt Harnett (chief of mission, Team Canada): "This whole journey has been out of this world."

[Back view of a few Team Canada athletes, in a row, entering a competition site – back to Curt Harnett]

"I am so excited and proud about the level, the quality and the calibre of athletes that have shown up to represent their country here at home."

[Giant banner of the federal Canada 150 logo and “Canada” wordmark – crowd applauding, celebration site]

"Of course, the support of Sport Canada and the various levels of government to make this event happen is very significant, and I believe every athlete feels that appreciation."

[Text on screen: Team Canada
719 athletes
170 coaches
35 million supporters

[Toronto 2015 Pan and Parapan American Games Host country logo]

[Text on screen:]

[Text on screen: #YearofSport - #Annéedusport]

[Canada Wordmark]

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