Cultural youth programs

Enjoy learning and adventure, friendship and discovery as you take part in work experiences, internships, park activities and language immersion programs.


Youth jobs and internships

Get started on the right career path through a number of youth employment opportunities and internships.

Exchange and leadership programs

Develop your leadership skills, participate in exchanges, and dive in to youth-led projects while learning about Canada.

Language immersion programs

Take part in a language bursary or work experience program to strengthen your first or second language, and at the same time, get to learn about a new culture or part of Canada.

Youth programs in national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas

Find out about programs and activities in Canada’s national parks, national historic sites or national marine conservation areas.

Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers

Join these funded youth programs and participate in fun and rewarding activities and learn valuable life skills such as teamwork and leadership.

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