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Official languages and bilingualism

Learn about the history and importance of official languages and bilingualism in Canada and discover a myriad of learning opportunities.

Official languages rights and complaints

Know your official languages rights and how to file a complaint if you feel your rights have been discriminated against.

Official languages funding

Apply for funding to promote official languages and bilingualism in Canada and to help develop and preserve official language minority communities.

Aboriginal languages funding

Apply for funding to support the preservation and revitalization of Aboriginal languages in Canada.

Resources of the Language Portal of Canada

Browse through a collection of language resources, writing tools and quizzes to help you improve your English and French.

Court Challenges Program

Learn how the modernized Court Challenges Program will support Canadians to bring official language rights and human rights cases before the courts.

International francophonie

Find out what Canada is doing as a member of La Francophonie and how it is exerting an influence on the world scene.


Test your knowledge with our language quizzes!

Improve your English and French by taking one of our many quizzes on spelling, grammar, vocabulary and more!

Youth and students: achieve your language goals

Learn more about the various tools and resources that will help you in your language learning.

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