Conservation treatment – General information

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) is a leader in conservation treatment, research, and development, and offers a wide range of services. Included in these services, through the collaboration of specialized conservators and conservation scientists, is a unique, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary approach to the conservation treatment and restoration of cultural objects.


Treatment expertise encompasses both traditional experience and knowledge of the latest procedures and materials that is verified through research, testing, and analysis. CCI offers the following advantages:

Advisory and on-site consulting

More than 25 years of experience treating in excess of 13 000 objects has given CCI a broad understanding of the complex issues surrounding conservation, and the ability to help others in dealing with treatment challenges. Some of the ways CCI can be of assistance include:


The unique collaboration of conservators and scientists ensures that CCI is abreast of the most recent developments in conservation. Working together, customized training programs that meet your specific needs can be developed: specialized conservation training for conservators, at CCI or on-site; seminars, workshops, and lectures ranging from basic to advanced, covering a wide range of topics relating to the care, preservation, and treatment of collections; training on the use of specialized treatment equipment and procedures; specialized treatment internships at CCI.

See a full list of workshops for more details on professional development and training activities. Areas of treatment expertise include the following:

Scientist looking through microscope.
Technology finds alternative applications in conservation treatments.
Damaged metalwork in beaux-arts lighting fixture.
Repairing damaged metalwork in beaux-arts lighting fixture.
China doll.
Composite artifacts present special challenges.
Graffiti on a sculpture.
Removing graffiti from outdoor sculpture.
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