Conservation and scientific services for textiles

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) offers a wide range of services in the field of textile conservation and research.


CCI offers an interdisciplinary approach to the conservation treatment of historic textiles including:


Training seminars and workshops, with hands-on components, are customized to suit needs. Training may be interdisciplinary as required, and topics include:

CCI also provides many types of internships to suit people at different stages of their careers.

Advisory and on-site consulting services

CCI provides advisory and on-site consulting services, which include:

Analysis and testing

CCI provides analysis and testing, which includes:


The research in conservation and scientific services includes the following:

Specialized procedures and equipment

The specialized procedures and equipment CCI uses include the following:

Officer’s dress coat, 1812.
Before treatment / After treatment Colours of the 2 nd Canadian Pioneer Battalion.
CCI staff use polarizing microscopes for fibre identification.
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