Video – Meet the Canada 150 Logo Designer


Transcript of Meet the Canada 150 Logo Designer

[Text on screen: Meet the Canada 150 Logo Designer]

[A banner to announce the logo contest; two pens on top of a sheet of paper with instructions about the contest]

[Close-ups of Ariana Cuvin; in front of a Canadian flag, sitting in front of her computer working on the logo]

Ariana: “When I found out about the contest, I was very excited because it was an opportunity that I wouldn’t otherwise get as a student and I thought that I might as well give it a shot. When I started of thinking about the logo, I knew I want to create something simple, something that would be easily recognizable and I wanted to leave enough rooms so that whoever was building the visual identity for the Canada 150 would have enough room to play and create their own design.

The four diamonds that are attached to the stem in the maple leaf and are meant to represent the four provinces that were part of the Confederation in 1867. As you approach the 150th Anniversary of Confederation, I’m excited to see what the future hold for Canada and what a next chapter are going to be like.”

[Ariana Cuvin is photographed on the red carpet]

Ariana: “I’m really excited that I get to be part of it.”

[Canada 150 logo]

[Canada wordmark]

[Text on the screen:, #Canada150]
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