Movable cultural property

Discover how Canada supports the preservation of artistic, historic and scientific heritage through designation, tax certification, grants and by regulating the import and export of cultural property.

Services and information

Movable Cultural Property Program

Learn more about movable cultural property, the Movable Cultural Property Program and the Cultural Property Export and Import Act.

Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board

Learn more about the mandate and activities of the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board and its Secretariat.

Designation of institutions and public authorities

Find out what designation is, which Canadian organizations are designated and learn how to apply for designation.

Certification of cultural property

Find out about the certification process and the tax incentives available to encourage donations and sales of cultural property.

Movable Cultural Property Grants

Apply for a Movable Cultural Property Grant that helps designated organizations purchase important objects.

Import of cultural property

Get information on importing cultural property to Canada, preventing import delays and how Canada helps other countries recover their heritage.

Reviews of refused export permits

Explore the role of the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board in reviewing refused export permits and export delay periods.

Cultural property export permits

Find out what objects require an export permit, how to apply for a permit and how to appeal a refused permit.

Publications and guidelines for cultural property

View the guidelines to help with writing an outstanding significance and national importance report, certification of cultural property and CCPERB online.

Laws and regulations for cultural property

Learn more on the national and international laws and regulations about the import and export of cultural property.


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