Video - Winterlude 2016 - Highlights of the activities


Transcript of Winterlude 2016 highlights of the activities

No narration during video.

Video montage of various activities that took place during Winterlude from January 29 to February 15, 2016.

Music is playing during the video.

Winterlude logo appears on a black background.

Superimposed images of a performer and a moving illuminated structure.

A man is ice carving with a Winterlude logo in the background.

A couple dressed in black are figure skating.

A performer is jumping in front of an igloo and people are watching in the background at Jacques-Cartier Park.

Crowd dances while watching a night performance.

Ice Carver creates his work of art.

Dancers perform at night.

Performers and DJ on stage.

Walrus snow sculpture at night.

Indigenous people dancing at Confederation Park with people are watching.

People skating on the Rideau Canal.

A family slides at Jacques-Cartier Park at night.

People are looking at an illuminated snow wall with special lighting effects.

A young woman dances outside.

People looking at a man who is ice carving with a chain saw. A piece of ice detaches and flies through.

People looking at a woman who is ice carving.

People looking at dancers performing on stage.

An illuminated ice sculpture.

A singer playing piano on an ice piano.

Performers on stage at night.

People dancing at night at Jacques-Cartier Park with the snow slides in the background.

The crowd, illuminated by spotlights, comes alive during an outdoor show.

A Stage with fireworks in the background.

Pyrotechnical effects in the sky.

The Canada wordmark appears on a black background.

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