Video - Canada Day Challenge 2017


Transcript of Canada Day Challenge 2017

Exciting music plays during the video.

The video is in cartoons.

[Text on the screen: Canada Day Challenge 2017]

Narrator: “Are you creative? Get inspired and celebrate your future!”

[Text on the screen: Celebrate your future!]

Narrator: “By submitting a drawing, photo or piece of creative writing to Canada Day Challenge.”

[The Canada Day Challenge characters appear on the screen with their name over their heads (Draw it!, Snap it! and Write it!), on the 150th anniversary of Confederation purple background.]

Narrator: “You could win a trip for two to Ottawa and be a VIP Guest on Parliament Hill on Canada Day …”

[An airplane crosses the screen and sweeps the characters on the screen. The Parliament with the flag floating at the top of the Peace Tower appears on the right. The word “Ottawa” is in the back on purple background. The Canada Day logo appears on the left. Fade to black.]

Narrator: “… to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.”

[The Canada 150 logo appears across the width of the screen. Fade to black.]

Narrator: “Take up the Canada Day Challenge now, it’s our 30th edition!”

[30th Anniversary pastille appears on screen.]

Narrator: “Details at / Canada Day Challenge.”

[Text on the screen:]

[Canada wordmark]

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