Video – Enter for your chance to enjoy a unique experience in the capital!


Transcript of enter for your chance to enjoy a unique experience in the capital!

Upbeat music plays throughout the video.

A narration is heard throughout the video (children voice).

[Video begins by showing a Canadian flag in close-up shot. Text appears with a sweeping effect.]

[Text on screen: Canada Day Challenge 2017]

Narrator: “Imagine winning a VIP trip to Canada’s capital region this summer”

[Aerial photo of the Peace Tower. Aerial photo of the Canadian Museum of History. Aerial photo of a military parade. Aerial photo of a look up belvedere with view on the forest. Photo of the winners of last year’s challenge (3 little girls) in front of the Parliament.]

Narrator: “It’s easy: join the Canada Day Challenge”

[The Canada Day Challenge’s character (cartoons) appear on screen, on a purple background. Their names are written on top of each of them (Write it!, Draw it! and Snap it!)]

Narrator: “And you could win a trip for two, to Canada Day”

[A young boy is playing frisbee. Women are dancing on stage at Canada Day 2016.]

Narrator: “Visit great historic places and be a VIP guest at the 150th anniversary of Confederation on July 1st”

[Last year’s winners are visiting historic places in Ottawa, such as the Parliament. Brief sequence of cannons shooting and of the Ceremonial Guard. Two women are celebrating Canada Day 2016.]

Narrator: “Check out / Canada Day Challenge for full details”

[Text on screen:]

[A woman is smiling and filming the Canadian Museum of History.]

Narrator: “Take up the challenge now!”

[A man is doing an acrobatic show and raises his wrist in the air.]

[Canada 150 logo]

[Canada wordmark]

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