Video - Canada 150 - National Film Board - Anthem


Transcript of Canada 150 - National Film Board - Anthem

No narration during the video.

Music is playing during the video.

Images of water rippling, a forest, a field.

Children are playing on a farm.

Text on screen: Home

Images representing city life and rural life.

A man and a boy in nature, next to a fire.

Text on screen: Native land

Images of people in nature.

A little girl runs towards her mother. The mother embraces her. The mother kisses her partner. All three walk, holding hands.

Text on screen: Love

Documentary and animated images of happy moments with couples and families.

Two fisherwomen on a boat, bringing in a crate of crabs.

Text on screen: Far

Images of the Canadian landscape from coast to coast.

A dancer dances in a high-ceilinged, naturally-lit, contemporary building.

Text on screen: Free

Images of outdoor activities: skateboarding, jumping into a lake, running.

Text on screen: Thee

Images of diverse faces.

Logo of Canada 150

Logo of National Film Board
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