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[Text on screen: Sharing Dance Canada 2017
Winnipeg, Manitoba
1:21 p.m.]

[Eugene Baffoe arrives at Pinkham School, he walks up a staircase.]

Eugene Baffoe: “My big sister is actually the one who first taught me how to dance when I was about eleven.”

[Text on screen: Eugene Baffoe, Sr. Hip-hop Instructor, Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Choreographer, Sharing Dance Canada 2017]

Eugene Baffoe: “I was never into dance when I was at that age, but my mom dragged me out to her recital and I got to see her be on stage and do her solo and look extremely passionate and happy. So we went home that day and I looked her in the eye and I said, ‘teach me everything you know’.”

[Eugene Baffoe stands outside in a winter setting.]

Eugene Baffoe: “What made me convinced that hip-hop was where I wanted to be was its ability that I saw to bring all different people together of all different walks of life and different nationalities and backgrounds to a common goal of the love for the music and the art and the culture.”

[Text on screen: Royal Winnipeg Ballet]

[Children do a choreography in the classroom.]

Eugene Baffoe: “Sharing Dance is exactly what the title says, right? It’s an ability for us to create a routine and to share it with the entire country, and hopefully eventually the entire world. To be coming up to a venue and all different schools and all different studios that have learned the dance over the last couple months, we’re all going to do the dance together.”

[Eugene expressively teaches children dance moves.]

[Text on screen: Sharing Dance Canada 2017 also features choreography by Roger Sinha
Sharing Dance Canada 2017 also features choreography by Tracee Smith
Sharing Dance Canada 2017 also features choreography by Kimberley Cooper]

[The kids and Eugene shake around with great energy.]

Eugene Baffoe: “Kids have an enormous amount of energy that I don’t know where they get it from. But it’s just so much fun. They bounce off the walls but then at the same time, they can bring it in and just really hone in on what you’re teaching them, right? But when it comes to kids, the joy that they bring you is unlike anything you’ll ever experience.”

[Close-up slow-motion video of children happily doing dance moves.]

Eugene Baffoe: “Five, six, seven, eight. And a one and a two and a three and a four.”

[Eugene laughs in front of the classroom.]

[A child grins from ear to ear.]

Eugene Baffoe: “At any point that I’m teaching them, just seeing the look on their face, seeing the smile that they give is what brings me to this job and what keeps me in it.”

[The words ‘dance’ and ‘music’ are written on a blackboard.]

Eugene Baffoe: “Sharing Dance at the end of the day is to create something that is uniquely Canadian and then to share it with the whole country is an amazing experience and an amazing opportunity for us to bring dance specifically to people again of all movement abilities or any age or any experience level. So that’s what we’re hoping to do as again another opportunity to bring the whole country together for a dance.”

[The children and Eugene do a dance move.]

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