List of acceptable online services pursuant to CAVCO Public Notice 2017-01

As outlined in CAVCO Public Notice 2017-01, CAVCO has committed to making available a list of online services that will be accepted for the purpose of meeting the “shown in Canada” requirement of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) program.

This document must be read in conjunction with CAVCO Public Notice 2017-01 for full details on this policy, including the requirement for an agreement with either a CRTC-licensed broadcaster or a Canadian distributor.

This list will be updated regularly and should be consulted often as services may not only be added but could be REMOVED if the nature of the service changes.

Acceptable services

Date updated: September 7, 2017

Websites of CRTC-licensed broadcasters (examples – this is not an exhaustive list)

Hybrid Video-on-Demand services (not CRTC licensed)

Other Online Video Services

Services currently under review for inclusion on this list*

*CAVCO is currently reviewing these services for potential inclusion on the list of acceptable services. In some cases, CAVCO may need to see agreements with the service before making a final determination. Applicants (or potential applicants) to the CPTC are invited to contact CAVCO about these services if they have agreements that we can review to aid in making a decision about a particular service.

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