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Transcript of Innovation150

[Canada 150 logo]
[Text on screen: Innovation 150]

[Accelerated scenes of a car driving through the Canadian Rockies]

[The city of Prince Rupert in British-Columbia]

[Text on screen: Prince Rupert, British Columbia
8:54 a.m.]

[Text on screen: Sandra Pond - Principal, Charles Hays Secondary School]

Sandra Pond: “We’ve been working for a few months on bringing the Innovation150 Power of Ideas Tour to our school”.

[Views of Prince Rupert, the truck “Maker Mobile” and of the installation of its content in a school gymnasium]

[A teacher talking to students]

Narrator: “It’s Canada’s 150th birthday, so in celebration of that, we have this thing called the Maker Mobile, it’s this big truck full of cool technology that we’re driving all across the country so youth like you can get a chance to learn about science, technology, engineering and math through hands on workshops.

“So who here checks the weather at least once a day? The main thing about something like this is it’s inspirational”.

[Text on screen: Jeremy Janz - Teacher, Pacific Coast School]

Jeremy Janz: “It’s always good to have these inspirational moments where the kids get to do experiences outside of the normal which inspires them to be like “You know what, yes, this is what I want to do!”

Narrator: “Alright, so go ahead and get started, build that weather station”.

[The students build a small weather station]

Young girl 1: “It’s pretty cool, never done anything like this before”.

[Text on screen: Alex F. Campbell - Hereditary Chief]

Alex F. Campbell: “I was told if I believe in something, it’ll work. If you have doubt in it, you’re wasting your time”.

[A teacher talking to students]

Narrator: “Ready, set, go!”

[The students blow on the propeller of their weather station to make it spin]

[Text on screen: Trevor Stovel - Teacher, Prince Rupert Middle School]

Trevor Stovel: “We’ve seen the weather before, on TV, but there’s going to be a connection now they’re going to know where that stuff comes from, so it’s just sort of a neat thing to see”.

[A teenager laughs and is having fun]

[Students are sitting in a dark room, looking at a stage and a large screen]

[A man arrives on the stage]

Narrator: “Welcome to the Power of Ideas”.

Woman: “The concept of curiosity, it’s a huge motivator. Kids will stay curious, and they will stay motivated to learn, they will continue to examine the world”.

[Text on screen: Sandra Jones, Superintendent, School district 52]

Sandra Jones: “We need our kids to do that, because we need them to solve big world problems”.

Narrator: “All together, we have creativity, curiosity, collaboration and courage”.

Sandra Jones: “I honestly got a little choked when I went downstairs and saw the kids so involved, so connected with the learning”.

[Students looking at a model]

Young girl 2: “We’re looking at how big the Universe is. It’s really cool!”

[Text on screen: Ann Rowse – Regional Director, Northwest Community College]

Ann Rowse: “We have kids doing the hands on experience, learning from their environment, touching everything, not being told that they can’t”.

[A student with a ball showing electricity going through it]

Ann Rowse: “Well the electricity is going through the ball and right into you”.

Narrator: “Yeah, go for it, you should yell in that”.

[A girl yelling in an apparatus]

Young girl 3: “Hi!”

Narrator: “Totally, I saw that one. And so that’s how they discovered gravitational waves”.

Young girl 4: “Uh, thinking about either being a math teacher or an astronomer, because it’s just really cool”.

[Four teenagers jumping in front of a distorting mirror]

The four teenagers: “Science is awesome!”

Young girl 5: “That really inspired me to create something. I don’t know what it is yet, but something”.

[Canada 150 logo]

[Text on screen: Canada 150, #canada150]

[Canada wordmark]

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