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Transcript of Indspire Laureates Tour

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[Text on screen: Indspire Laureates Tour]

[A young man enters an empty conference room and leaves his backpack on the table]

Thomas: “When I found out I was the Indspire First Nations Youth recipient, I was overwhelmed. I felt like I had some big shoes to fill or I wasn't actually adequate for winning such a prestigious award”.

[He puts his coat on a hanger and takes off his sweatshirt, revealing a white dress shirt]

Thomas: “I don't look at myself as having done anything spectacular or courageous. I did the things that meant a lot to me”.

[He takes a written speech out of his bag]

Thomas: “It is a little weird to be thought of as a role model”.

[He puts on a necktie, rolls up his sleeve and ties a Native American bracelet made of bones and wooden pearls around his wrist]

Thomas: “Neither of my parents went to University, so they didn't have that push to say you need to go and get an education. I didn't think I would ever end up in Med School”.

[He sits on a chair and studies his speech]

Thomas: “Some days it is hard to just get yourself up and out of bed because school can be very stressful. You need to turn to other people for motivation sometimes and it's okay to ask for help”.

[He walks up to the window]

Thomas: “Figuring out who I was as an indigenous person was a big step. I figured out how to be my own self by doing things and getting involved”.

[He paces around the room, mouthing his speech]

Thomas: “Receiving the Indspire award is, it's really not about me gaining something”.

[He walks down a hall in slow motion, smiling]

Thomas: “It's about now I'm being recognized for things that I've done and I feel this is my chance and my time to give back to the community, to share my story and experience, and hope that somebody else will take something from that”.

[He walks past a curtain and ends up center stage, with spotlights shining on him]

Thomas: “Hello everyone. My name is Thomas Dymond; I'm here to share my story with you today”.

[Text on screen: Thomas and other Indspire laureates will be sharing their stories across Canada in 2017. Indspire encourages indigenous and non-indigenous youth to dream big and aim high]

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[Text on screen:, #canada150]

Narrator: “A message form the Government of Canada”.

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