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[Canada 150 logo]

[Text on screen: Frozen Messages]

[A man draws a stylized and very angular maple leaf, which reminds one of a snowflake]

[Text on screen: New Liskeard, Ontario. 9:43 A.M.]

[Winter landscapes slide by: a frozen lake surrounded by mountains and forest]

Drew Gauley: "Still to this day, I'll step outside, and my first breath of fresh air, outside, I will very often exclaim, even when I'm on my own... 'Ha, this is amazing.' "

[A fire burns in a black cast iron fireplace. Fresh bread rests on top of a stove. A young boy is feeding hens in front of the house]

Drew Gauley: "It's interesting, having moved from bustling city centre with bustling city lifestyles into Northern Ontario about 10 years ago. You know. the pace is a lot different."

[A man is working on pieces of wood in his workshop. Using a belt sander, he sands the blade of a canoe paddle carved out of a blond wood]

Drew Gauley: "I've always been a fan of bold design and symmetry. Symmetry is a visual representation of balance."

[A farm is seen from above, at a crossroads. The man strikes a pose for the camera, in front of a building covered in blue sheet metal]

[Text on screen: Drew Gauley, media artist, filmmaker]

Drew Gauley: "The project is called Frozen Messages."

[Drew walks on a snowy path, and then stops near a cross on a cliff overlooking the lake]

Drew Gauley: "In life, everything is a collaborative effort. Part of what we're trying to do is bring together different cultural groups, different backgrounds, ages, to get a variety of different people that in some way are representative of the area."

[Ice fishing shacks are spread out over the frozen lake]

Drew Gauley: "I'm not a hundred percent sure what we're going to do tomorrow. Gauging from word of mouth and what I've heard from people we could get a lot of people out. But it's like a rock and roll concert, you know, we'll find out when we get there."

[A leaf is caught in the ice. Snowmobiles travel on the ice, towards a group of men and women gathered at the foot of a cliff. In pairs they approach Drew who hugs a woman]

Drew Gauley: "Hi, how are you? Thanks for coming!"

[They all put on snowshoes]

Drew Gauley: "You're trying not to step outside of the lines, you're working together with someone else, you have to focus on each step. You know you're repeating things, you're going over it once to make the line this thick and then you go over a second time to make it, you know, two footprints wide and then three and then four."

[In pairs, the participants drag their snowshoes and the cleats leave a dent on the frozen surface of the lake. They follow a pattern marked out by small flags]

Drew Gauley: "You know, you have to hold arms, and you have to, you know, walk in sync and walk back and forth and concentrate on what you're doing and communicate to learn and to strive to do better. I think there's a lot of Canadians who feel the same way."

[Drew watches the progress of the participants, whose tracks in the ice slowly make out the outline of a giant maple leaf, identical to the one he drew on paper]

Drew Gauley: "You can't change what's in the past, it's frozen, but the future is to be decided and we can choose where we go collectively."

[Canada 150 logo]

[Text on screen:, #canada150]

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