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[Canada 150 logo]

[Text on screen: 150 Years Young]

[The winter sun illuminates Montreal. A bus stops on Park Avenue, in front of the George-Étienne Cartier Monument at the foot of the Mount Royal. Walkers stroll on the snowy paths of the park.]

[Text on screen: Caro Loufti, executive director, Apathy is Boring.]

Caro Loufti: "We're a national youth-led organization working to empower our peers to be active and engaged citizens."

[Portraits of smiling young women and men appear on the screen.]

Caro Loufti: "150 Years Young is a national movement led by young people. We're telling the stories, the diverse stories, about how millennials are shaping their communities."

[In an open-plan office, young adults work on computers.]

Caro Loufti: "We're trying to highlight positive stories of engagement. That will help shift the perceptions around millennials in Canada, and that will then encourage more youth to get involved."

[The names and skylines of cities appear on a building's facade: Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal.]

Caro Loufti: "We're going into 5 cities that we're working with and we're projecting for 2 nights. We'll make a video that we're going to be projecting on buildings that have some cultural significance."

[Books and human figures are projected on a wall, along with the words: 30 stories, 30 people.]

Liza Chattererjee: "I'm capturing 30 stories and each one of those people, um, is trying to fix an issue."

[Portraits of smiling young women and men appear on the screen.]

[Text on screen: Liza Chattererjee, 150 Years Young city ambassador (Edmonton).]

Liza Chattererjee: "So to say that we're like an inert or detached generation is false, and I hope that this project is both a direct punch against the awful things that are said about our generation but also a nuanced look at why we're punching."

[Canada 150 logo]

[Text on screen:, #canada150]

[Canada wordmark]

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