Video - Ribbon 45 sec.


Transcript of Ribbon 45 sec.

[In a classroom, students are hanging streamers from the ceiling. A young girl rushes down the hall, pulling a red-and-white ribbon which extends behind her as if by magic. The other students catch up to her as she leaves the school running.]

[In a suburban street, more people join the group as an elderly couple watch and smile from a balcony. A man on a tractor sees them rush by, with the ribbon floating in the wind behind them.]

[More and more people join the group of runners in the streets downtown: the staff and clientele of a café, a man in a suit and tie, a woman carrying several bags, a cyclist—people of all ages and ethnicities.]

[The group arrives at a large park and the young girl lets go of her ribbon, which flies away. The people in the crowd happily dance and embrace each other.]

Narrator: "Together, let's celebrate Canada 150. Visit our website to discover Canada Day activities near you."

[Canada 150 logo]

[Text on screen:, #canada150]

Narrator: "A message from the Government of Canada."

[Canada wordmark]

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