Video - Canada 150: How will you Celebrate?


Transcript of Canada 150: How will you Celebrate?

[Music plays throughout the video.]

[Father and daughter are walking together. Girl is holding red and white balloons. She loses grip on a red balloon string and it floats away. The girl chases after the red balloon, but it's out of reach.]

[The Red balloon floats upward past trees and apartment buildings. The girl looks upwards for balloon, she is standing beside an exterior door with number 2017.]

[Interior views of apartments. First floor: Indigenous performers, artists, and children while red balloon floats by window.]

[Next floor, family relaxing and kids playing. Balloon floats past window.]

[Third floor. East Indian family celebrating a wedding. Balloon floats past window.]

[A woman reaches from a balcony to catch the string of the red balloon. The woman turns and speaks.]

Woman:  “How will you celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation?”

[A girl in a park is watching the woman speak on electronic tablet.]

[Grandfather throws a frisbee.]

[Kids are running with a kite.]

[Girl with tablet turns to watch other kids play.]

[Video of the floating balloon now appears on tablet. Balloon is actually floating overhead and girl looks upward at it.]

[Canada 150 Logo. Participate. Celebrate. Explore.]


[Canada wordmark]

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