Video - Portraits 150 – Luca "Lazylegz" Patuelli


Transcript of Portraits 150 – Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli

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[Text on screen: Portraits 150]

[A young man wearing an oversized shirt and a backwards cap stands on crutches.]

Luca Patuelli: "If your heart is beating, you’re creating a movement within your body."

[Text on screen: Luca Patuelli, professional dancer, Canada 150 ambassador]

[Luca moves his legs while leaning on his crutches.]

Luca Patuelli: "My name is Luca Patuelli a.k.a. b-boy Lazylegz, and I’m a professional dancer."

[Luca gathers momentum and raises himself on his arms, tracing circles in the air with his legs.]

Luca Patuelli: "Growing up, my parents were a huge influence in my life and never treated me any different. My father always taught me your first failure is not to try."

[He throws one of his crutches up and catches it.]

Luca Patuelli: "I’m trying to develop my style. When I’m practicing, I’m trying to give myself challenges of how can I drop down to the floor, dancing with the crutches but then finding a creative way of letting them go without just dropping them."

[Letting go of his crutches, he throws himself to the ground and spins around leaning on his arms, then on his shoulder.]

Luca Patuelli: "A moment that I was extremely proud of was when I got to do the opening ceremonies of the Paralympic Games in Vancouver. That was a proud Canadian moment."

[He rehearses hip hop moves, his face lit up by a big smile.]

Luca Patuelli: "When I moved to Montréal — it’s there where I discovered what hip-hop really is all about. I’ve built this community and it’s really become more of a family."

[Youth with different disabilities are gathered in a gymnasium. Luca addresses them.]

Luca Patuelli: "If you practiced your new move —"

[The young people listen with interest.]

Luca Patuelli: "I can be extremely tired; this morning, actually, I was super sick, but the minute I walk into the class there’s just this rush of adrenalin and then I kind of forget about it."

[Luca teaches his group arm movements, which they repeat in unison.]

Luca Patuelli: "If I have an idea for a move or for something that I want to learn, I kind of just bring that into the classroom."

[A young man in a wheelchair hauls himself up using only one hand, leaving Luca speechless.]

Luca Patuelli: "Often what’s really cool is that my students are teaching me just as much as I’m teaching them."

[The students raise their arms enthusiastically. Luca gives a demonstration and spins on his shoulder.]

Luca Patuelli: "I’ll always be involved in dance, whether it’s teaching or choreographing, producing events — I don’t think it will ever escape me. But I want to rule the world!"

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Narrator: "A message from the government of Canada."

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