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Transcript of Portraits 150 – Satish Kanwar

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[Text on screen: Portraits 150]

[Pedestrians cross a street in Toronto. The streetcar cables form a mosaic under the grey sky.]

Satish Kanwar: "Working together, the Canadian ecosystem and innovation can just succeed."

[A man with a full beard contemplates the urban landscape.]

[Text on screen: Satish Kanwar, vice president of product at Shopify, Canada 150 ambassador]

Satish Kanwar: "My name is Satish Kanwar; I’m the Vice President of Product at Shopify."

[Satish walks down a hallway passing along modern offices.]

Satish Kanwar: "What I most enjoy is creating an organization that gives the gift of information to the people that we trust and hire, and the opportunity for them to do their best work."

[He chats with a cheerful young woman. Slogans are displayed on the wall. One of them is "Build for the long term."]

Satish Kanwar: "People reach their full potential creatively when you put people of similar minds but different backgrounds together. You really bring out the best and most unique ideas from that collective effort."

[In a conference room, Satish sits with a young white man and a young woman of Asian descent. They all speak passionately.]

Satish Kanwar: "There is definitely a pride in being founded and based in Canada and we, as a company of primarily Canadians, feel such a genuine joy when we can see that we’re shipping things that affect all of these different cultures around the world."

[He steps into the street carrying a briefcase and walks under a Chinese lantern. Pigeons takes flight in front of a sign featuring Chinese inscriptions.]

Satish Kanwar: "And I think that’s only uniquely possible because our own team is made up of people from all of these other cultures and backgrounds."

[Satish enters a red brick building and sets up on a large wooden table with his laptop and a cup of coffee. A young woman joins him.]

Satish Kanwar: "We started a peer group for entrepreneurs called Lean Coffee many years ago, which was just a way to get 20 or 30 entrepreneurs and just have a support group to learn from."

[Satish and the young woman talk face to face. A streetcar flashes past the building.]

Satish Kanwar: "The best advice that I could give to someone who wants to be an entrepreneur is for them to just start, and entrepreneurship is not about the idea, it’s about the journey."

[Satish poses in the Shopify offices.]

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[Text on screen:, #canada150]

Narrator: "A message from the government of Canada."

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