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[Logo of Canada 150]

[Text on screen: "Amazing Places Challenges"]

[A lighthouse sits at the peak of a rocky cape overlooking the Bay of Fundy while the sun sets on the horizon.]

Narrator: "The view from the top of the cape… I just wasn't ready for it."

[Cliffs border the shoreline, where sharp reefs jut up through the water.]

Narrator: "We tend to simplify Canadian geography: snow up North, mountains out West, prairies in the middle and evergreen forests everywhere else."

[Stalks of wheat are blown by the wind. A wave sweeps onto the shore. An insect crawls along a rock. The sun shines on a pond surrounded by mossy rocks covered with snails.]

Narrator: "The Amazing Places Challenge is an opportunity to experience the entire country in one amazing, unique place."

[Waves break against the rocky coastline. Visitors stroll along the banks, exploring the cliffs and the caves within them. A child carrying a bucket runs through a cave to its opening onto the beach.]

Narrator: "The Fundy Biosphere Reserve: so many different landscapes, so many textures, feelings, microclimates."

[A barn stands alone in a field amid a mountainous, forested landscape. Water cascades down a vertical cliff in a forest. The sun illuminates a rocky beach.]

Narrator: "It's pretty much everything you didn't know about Canadian biodiversity concentrated in one place."

[Several people walk alongside a narrow river running against the base of a cliff. Pedestrians and joggers cross a walkway suspended over a river, which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding forest.]

Narrator: "To walk these trails, to see the efforts being made to conserve and preserve this land… it's humbling and inspiring and surprising."

[Marshy plains extend to distant body of water in front of a mountain.]

Narrator: "I never knew Canada looked like this. I never knew Canada could look like this."

[A cliff covered with vegetation overlooks an expansive, sandy beach. The sun is reflected on the clear water.]

Narrator: "This year especially, I think the 150th anniversary of confederation makes the Amazing Places Challenge especially relevant."

[A road runs along the bay, crosscutting a village and passing underneath a covered bridge.]

Narrator: "Celebrating doesn't have to mean fireworks and cake. It can just as easily mean exploring your country and being awestruck by it."

[The cliffs bordering the bay extend into a cloud of mist. The tide rises on the reefs as the sun sets, and a lighthouse blazes at the peak of the cape.]

[Logo of Canada 150]

[Text on screen: "", "#canada150"]

Narrator: "A message from the Government of Canada."

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