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Transcript of Celebrate on the Great Trail

Video length: 1:44 minutes.

This is a bilingual video, the narration is in both English and French.

[Logo of Canada 150]

[Text on screen: "Celebrate on the Great Trail"]

[On a sunny day, kayaks glide along the Lachine Canal while people lounge on the banks. A young woman is interviewed in front of a bike path.]

[Text on screen: "Victoria Leenders-Cheng, communications advisor, TCT, The Great Trail"]

Victoria Leenders-Cheng (translated from French to English): "The Great Trail is a trail that connects our country and that encourages Canadians to go out and discover the country."

[A cyclist wearing a shirt with a maple leaf puts on his helmet near a trail along the water's edge.]

Victoria Leenders-Cheng: "It links together various trails across the country. As we like to say, from one ocean to another. From one coast to another."

[The cyclist mounts his bike, places his feet on the pedals and begins biking alongside the Lachine Canal.]

Victoria Leenders-Cheng: "For Canadians, The Great Trail is truly a symbol of national collaboration. It used to be a dream to link the trail together across the country, and now for the 150th anniversary we've succeeded."

[The cyclist bikes beside a quiet, suburban neighbourhood. He is interviewed around the trail.]

[Text on screen: "Matthew Stevenson, cyclist, donor"]

Matthew Stevenson: "Cycling is very important to me. I love getting on a bike when I get to a new city or a city that I've been to before and just explore the city."

[Matthew cycles through a forest on a trail bordered by wildflowers.]

Matthew Stevenson: "I love the exercise. It's so much fun to get out early and see nature."

[He stops to take a drink of water and then continues cycling along the forest path.]

Matthew Stevenson: "In 2003, I had stomach surgery. Being in a hospital is quite boring most of the time. So what I would do is I would lie in bed and remember riding on the trail, trying to recreate the noise of the wind in my ears, and that's what truly kept me sane."

[Now standing, he removes his helmet and admires his surroundings.]

Matthew Stevenson: "I remember my grandfather talking to me about philanthropy. It's always been a part of my family. So in the fall, I decided to donate to the trail. It's nice to know that people all across Canada will be able to use the trail and that I have participated in that. It's a fantastic feeling."

[The trail winds through rolling terrain covered with forests and water.]

Matthew Stevenson: "I think it's wonderful that the trail is going to be completed from coast to coast on Canada's 150th anniversary. Use it and talk about it and tell your friends that you've been on it. And just enjoy and have fun."

[Logo of Canada 150]

[Text on screen: "", "#canada150"]

Narrator: "A message from the Government of Canada."

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