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Transcription of Canada Sound

Video length: 3:05 minutes.

[Logo of Canada 150]

[Text on screen: "Canada Sound"]

[The camera pans across an audio mixing console with a variety of buttons, switches and knobs.]

Martin Macphail: "So the Canada Sound Project I first became aware of at this past Juno awards."

[A man wearing glasses is interviewed in front of stained-glass windows and a collection of different mic stands.]

[Text on screen: "Martin Macphail, Blitz/Berlin"]

Martin Macphail: "And basically what it is is a call to action for Canadians all across the country to record the sounds that they feel like are the most… quintessentially Canadian or matter to them."

[Behind a thicket of wild grasses, a body of water extends to the horizon.]

[Text on screen: "Canadian artists were asked to create an original soundtrack using the favourite sounds of Canadians."]

[A bearded man with a chest tattoo is interviewed in a studio.]

[Text on screen: "Tristan Tarr, Blitz/Berlin"]

Tristan Tarr: "We didn't really know what we were gonna do, and then… it sort of just came together with an idea that Martin had, where the song is like an old… not hymn, but it's an old song."

[Another bearded man is interviewed in the same studio.]

[Text on screen: "Dean Rode, Blitz/Berlin"]

Dean Rode: "When he brought it to the table, this old, Celtic tune… I… I was on board with the idea completely."

[A guitar string vibrates. Dean stands in a dark room, his face illuminated by a dim light.]

Martin Macphail: "When we actually began this project… we'd been kicking around, for a little while, the idea of revisiting this song, 'Farewell to Nova Scotia.'"

[Martin plays a keyboard in a dark room.]

Martin Macphail: "It's just something that's meant a lot to me for a long time. It's something that, from my childhood, my mother always used to sing… and… it just kind of clicked, when hearing these sounds, that this was the way to do it. There was like, a cinematic way to kind of make a little bit of a movie score for Canada."

[Tristan plays the drums. Dean strums a guitar.]

Dean Rode: "Sonically, it was nice to… not just restrict ourself just to coastal sounds."

Tristan Tarr: "My favourite, actually, is probably the sound that you don't even notice in it, which is the mice on… running on the wood."

[Tristan presses keys on a console. Martin plays the keyboard.]

Dean Rode: "The red-throated for the loon, it hits a… a unique tone and kind of… hits a harmony of the… of the strings, and that definitely helped, again, steer it… steer the chords and how the chords were."

[A dense forest extends as far as they eye can see, obscuring an overcast sky.]

[Text on screen: "An album featuring the best Sound of Canada music will be available for purchase."]

Martin Macphail: "We all think that what MusiCounts is doing is really important work."

Tristan Tarr: "To be able to play instruments, and if they can't afford them, to be able to, like… have that sort of program going on so that they can."

[The trio look out at the body of water from a clifftop. They speak amongst themselves.]

Dean Rode: "If you can give back in any way, especially through, you know, charities like MusiCounts, it… I think that type of building together as a country, that's… that's very important."

[A motor boat glides across a body of water as the sun sets. The three musicians observe the course of the boat from the clifftop to the side.]

[Text on screen: "A portion of the profits will be donated to MusiCounts, which keeps music alive in schools and communities."]

Tristan Macphail: "What I hope that Canadians will connect with, with our version of 'Farewell to Novia Scotia', is not only discovering the original for younger generations that might not be familiar with it, 'cause it is such a beautiful song, but discovering the wealth of Canadian music that's been created over the last… hundreds of years in this country."

[Logo of Canada 150]

[Text on screen: "", "#canada150"]

Narrator: A message from the Government of Canada.

[Canada wordmark]

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