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Transcript of Portraits 150: Yvan Cournoyer

Video length:  2:06 minutes

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[Snowflakes fall through the branches of a tree.]

Yvan Cournoyer (translated from French to English): "I wasn't very tall. They would always say, "You'll never be able to play in the NHL, it's impossible." And that for me was an exciting challenge. So maybe that helped me succeed in playing for the Canadiens."

[An old man approaches the window of his living room to contemplate the snow-covered landscape. He wears a gold ring with an engraving of the Stanley Cup.]

Yvan Cournoyer (translated from French to English): "In life, when you love to do something, you have to follow it through to the end."

[He walks along a quiet street, a pair of hockey skates slung over his shoulder. Snow falls heavily around him.]

[Text on screen: Yvan Cournoyer, former Montreal Canadiens hockey player.]

[Yvan stands in the street. A Canadiens cap covers his head.]

Yvan Cournoyer (translated from French to English): "My name is Yvan Cournoyer, a former player for the Montréal Canadiens, Canada 150 Ambassador."

[He looks up, admiring the snowflakes falling from the sky.]

Yvan Cournoyer (translated from French to English): "If you love to play hockey, you dream about playing for the Canadiens. Everything I did was to improve so I could play hockey."

[He goes to a deserted ice rink in a park. A grove of old trees encircles the ice.]

Yvan Cournoyer (translated from French to English): "You don't think about injuries. I have more than 200 stitches in my face, teeth issues, shoulder issues twice. You want to get back on the ice as soon as possible.

[He approaches the centre of the snow-covered ice rink.]

Yvan Cournoyer (translated from French to English): "If you are lucky enough in life to do what you love, that gives you the opportunity to be better."

[An archival video shows the Canadiens in the middle of a game. A maple leaf adorns the centre of the rink.]

Announcer: "Seconds left in the penalty, up to centre ice. Park, over the right side. Cournoyer, coming right in. He shoots, he scores! Cournoyer!"

[Yvan raises his stick in the air as the crowd cheers.]

Yvan Cournoyer (translated from French to English): "I think I was really lucky to have been able to participate in the Summit Series. To represent Canada in 1972 was like my Olympics because I never had the opportunity to go to the Olympics."

[Yvan is being interviewed in his living room. The wall behind him is covered with hockey photos. He unfolds a jersey and holds it up to the camera. His name is inscribed on the back above the number 12.]

Yvan Cournoyer (translated from French to English): "I realized how important it was to wear the Canadian sweater, and believe me, it was an incredible feeling, because we had everyone's support -- it wasn't just coming from Montréal. It's at those times you see how wonderful Canada is."

[In an archival video, the Canadian team plays another match.]

Announcer: "Cournoyer has it on that wing, here's a shot! Henderson made a wild stab for it and fell. Here's another shot, right in front. They score! Henderson has scored for Canada! Henderson! Right in front of the net!"

[The players hug on the ice while fans wave Canadian flags in the stands.]

Yvan Cournoyer (translated from French to English): "In Russia we were lucky because there were 2,000 people who came to see us. It was like having a sixth player. I'm thankful for their help since it may be because of them we were able to win the series."

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