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Transcript of Isle of Story

Video length: 1:32 minutes

This is a bilingual video. The narration is in both English and French.

[Logo of Canada 150]

[Text on screen: "Isle of Story"]

[Two fishing boats are parked on a snowy waterfront. An isolated house stands on a wooded lot by the ocean.]

[Text on screen: "Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia"]

[A young woman holds a text in front of her and reads aloud into a microphone.]

Rachel Murphy: "The festival intended to bring storytellers and those who are interested in storytelling together to share and listen to stories from across the island and beyond."

[Text on screen: "Rachel Murphy, EMCEE"]

[A seated audience attentively listens to Rachel's speech.]

Rachel Murphy: "As of last evening, we hit our goal of sharing 150 stories and are so pleased that we exceeded that number by the end of the festival."

[Text on screen: "Rosalie Gillis, committee coordinator"]

Rosalie Gillis: "Well, storytelling is just such an interesting art form."

[A series of individuals expressively recount their stories and use accompanying hand gestures.]

Rosalie Gillis: "We have been quite interested in promoting storytelling in this community."

[Text on screen: "Ronald Labelle, CBRL Story Teller in Residence"]

Ronald Labelle (translated from French to English): "Telling stories preserves memories. That's what's important for maintaining our sense of identity."

[Icy waves roll gently toward a rocky shoreline.]

Ronald Labelle (translated from French to English): "It's important to understand what community you come from."

[A church stands at the horizon of a snow-covered landscape. A man walks through a snowy field towards a lighthouse.]

Rosalie Gillis: "When you live on an island, I think that you tend to keep your culture close."

[Text on screen: "Cathy McAuley Spencer, attendee"]

Cathy McAuley Spencer: "I think we have a very strong history of storytelling."

[Text on screen: "Shauna Walters, festival coordinator"]

Shauna Walters: "It is a part of our culture. Like, when people get together, that's what they do."

[A series of storytellers speak in front of an audience seated at tables.]

Shauna Walters: "Not necessarily folk-tales or something… you know, a formal story, but you're definitely- you're sharing stories about your life all the time, and that's… that's just part of who we are. That's what we do."

Ronald Labelle (translated from French to English): "You realize that people are very rooted. And all the residents of Cape Breton, no matter what their ethnic origins or languages, feel they have an identity in common, and they like sharing their culture."

[Logo of Canada 150]

[Text on screen: "", "#canada150"]

Narrator: "A message from the Government of Canada."

[Canada wordmark]

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